Trumpington Meadows

A blossoming community, full of life

The tor&co team has been fully committed and underpins its proposals with a clear strategy and in depth understanding of key planning policy and local interest issues.

USS Ltd and Grosvenor


Environmental Planning


Landscape Architecture


Urban Design

tor&co was commissioned to work alongside Grosvenor and USS Ltd to transform this former intensely farmed agricultural site into a vibrant place where community and biodiversity could flourish in harmony.


To deliver this vision we had to remove the site from the green belt, secure agreements from adjacent authorities and engage the local community and stakeholder groups. Consent was obtained for 1,200 homes, a new primary school and the addition of a 148-acre country park, for which we went on to deliver a thoughtful primary infrastructure.


A central space gives Trumpington a community hub, while the park offers an extensive network of cycleways and footpaths to connect residents with the benefits of nature. We take pride in the 46% biodiversity improvement at Trumpington, and the resurgence of plant and animal species – with the ongoing management of The Wildlife Trust, its legacy will continue for generations to come.


With more than half the scheme already built, Trumpington is home to a growing community, a bustling neighbourhood and an environment that instils pride, promotes wellbeing and is pulsating with life.

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