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The ambition for Northstowe is to create Cambridgeshire’s 3rd largest market town from the ground up, the first to be entirely master planned around a dedicated public transport system, the Guided Busway.


The team at tor&co was engaged in 2007 to advise and refresh the masterplan and planning strategy, with the aim of kick starting a project that was dependent upon major infrastructure funding. We focused on how to deliver the new town as a series of phased developments, within the framework of an overarching masterplan. Greater emphasis was also given to making Northstowe an exemplar of sustainable development based on the objectives within the Cambridgeshire Quality Charter for Growth.


Designated as a Healthy New Town, Northstowe has been designed with a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle in mind. A comprehensive network of safe walking and cycling routes promotes active travel and the Guided Busway and its adjoining cycleway connects the town to Cambridge and beyond.


Comprehensive blue and green infrastructure, community facilities, including a town centre, schools, sports and recreation grounds will create a home for 25,000 people, to live efficiently, comfortably and more sustainably.


Progress has been apace, with much of the early phases now fully occupied and the last major housing parcel approved in 2022.

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