Putting people and legacy at the core.

Our approach is always to start with people and continue to put them at the centre of every project. By giving every consideration to their physical, emotional, environmental and commercial needs, we exceed expectations and leave a sustainable and lasting legacy.

Our Expertise

  • Planning

    For us, planning goes beyond just process and the purely technical. Our planning team has an enviable success rate, working to promote positive land use, devising ingenious strategies and advancing projects that make a positive contribution. We embrace challenges from the large, complex and demanding, to the small, and soon to be, perfectly formed, with equal enthusiasm, commitment and creativity.

  • Architecture

    Taking a holistic approach, working in synergy with clients and the wider tor&co team, we believe, results in buildings and spaces that are not only deliverable but exceed expectations. We create exceptional sustainable environments where people, business and communities can thrive.


    For more information take a look at our Architecture Capability Statement.


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  • Landscape Architecture

    While we understand the value of the aesthetic, our landscape team know that how a space makes people feel, emotionally and physically, is the key to unlocking the full potential of a site. This focus ensures that our proposals are creative and sympathetic, so that we promote positive co-existence between people, place and planet.


    For more information take a look at our Landscape Architecture Capability Statement.

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  • Urban Design

    We have a passion to create sustainable places where strong community bonds can be forged. Our belief that truly successful places, ones that intuitively respond to human needs, have exceptional guiding principles. So our approach to masterplanning is designed to add lasting value for developers, partners, and the communities they serve.


    For more information take a look at our Capability Statement.


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  • Environmental Planning

    Now more than ever, how we care for the environments in which we live, work, learn, and play, is high on everyone’s agenda. Our environmental specialists analyse, advise and coordinate with respect to environmental and sustainability issues and environmental impact assessment so that our solutions are robust, meaningful, mutually beneficial, and future focused.


    For more information take a look at our Environmental Planning Capability Statement.

    Download Capability Statement
  • Heritage

    Early consultation with local authorities and interest groups ensures our heritage experts bring their considerable experience to bear. We work with the wider team to uncover and resolve potential heritage risk, navigating planning pitfalls to ensure that heritage issues are comprehensively addressed. Our work safeguards historical integrity for generations to come.


    For more information take a look at our Heritage Capability Statement.

    Download Capability Statement
  • Strategic Communications

    By providing strategic advice to our clients from the outset we can shape, design and deliver targeted communications and engagement strategies to help navigate complex circumstances. Developing opportunities for meaningful dialogue with local communities and building trust with decision makers across national and local government is critical in mitigating risk and maximising opportunities.


    For more information take a look at our Strategic Communications Capability Statement.

    Download Capability Statement
  • Viability

    We aim to help design and plan developments that are deliverable throughout dynamic market conditions. We help our clients balance commercial and policy requirements, promoting positive outcomes by demonstrating how development proposals are able to contribute towards planning gain.


An interdisciplinary ecosystem.

We are a small but perfectly formed team with an open, inclusive and supportive culture. There are no siloes or egos, just a group of highly skilled individuals who interconnect in pursuit of better outcomes for people and planet.

tor&co in numbers

tor&co is currently assisting our clients to help deliver sustainable homes, working spaces, public open space, schools, community facilities and biodiversity net gain.

363 mw

Renewable energy


Tonnes of carbon emissions saved


Planning success rate


Number of homes

941,000 sqm

Amount of office and commercial space


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