Brooklands Garden Village

Embracing complexity to create community


Ledsham Garden Village, Ellesmere Port


Environmental Planning



Strategic Communications

Urban Design

A interdisciplinary tor&co team worked closely to develop a masterplan for Brooklands, a new garden neighbourhood that will create a cohesive new community with a distinctive sense of place. We were specifically appointed for our integrated approach to planning, EIA, public consultation and our ability to tackle complexity.


Working closely with Redrow’s in-house architects, we delivered a planning strategy and development plan that exceeded expectations by finding innovative solutions to knotty issues. One such constraint was the extent of utilities and services crossing the site, both above and below ground. Our solution was to create an underground infrastructure that seamlessly integrated into the masterplan that also positively reflected the local character.


Brooklands will become a thriving community of 1570 homes built in zones, in part high density, with townhouses, apartments and lower density homes that adjoin a more rural landscape. A new school, green spaces, retail and community facilities provide the tools needed to build a vibrant and verdant neighbourhood.


This new garden village continues to grow and provide quality homes where families can live happily for many years to come.


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