tor&co: Sustainable Travel Week 2022

Towards the end of 2022, tor&co held its first ‘Sustainable Travel week.’ The event was an opportunity for the company to promote sustainable travel modes, encourage staff to make positive changes to the way that they travel to work, and to highlight the great many employees who already travel in a sustainable fashion. 

The scheme was a resounding success, with 31 staff from across the tor&co London, Birmingham and Bournemouth Offices taking part, travelling to work by walking, cycling, car sharing and various methods of public transport. One of the Planning Directors in our Bournemouth office even e-scooted into work!

The survey conducted at the end of the week demonstrated that over 50% of those that took part in the initiative travelled into the office via a sustainable transport method every day that they came into the office that week. The top most utilised forms of sustainable transport during the week were train / tube (24%), car sharing (20%) and cycling (18%). 

Many of our team already ensure their commute is a sustainable one, with a large proportion of staff regularly commuting by such modes. However, the week and feedback received helped to highlight what more the company can do to assist staff in making the choice to travel sustainably in future.

The Director leading the scheme, Richard Burton said: “The tor&co Board were very pleased to see the level of participation from our team in this event, which is one step in tor&co ’s journey to reach our Net Zero goal. We look forward to making further progress in helping people to travel sustainably with a further sustainable travel event, which will take place in March.”

Following on from this successful event, the March event will be a sustainable travel month, which we hope will build on the successes of the sustainable travel week, encourage habit building and help staff to think more carefully about the mode of travel they use on their commute to work. 

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