As part of an interdisciplinary team I have been able to provide innovative and creative solutions to some serious site constraints on numerous projects over the years which has resulted in creating fantastic client relationships and repeat project work through our combined successes.

Neil Edmonds

Technical Director


Neil has been responsible for the design and implementation of numerous landscape proposals while at tor&co. His projects have included the BALI award-winning McLaren Technology Centre in Woking and the new McLaren Production Centre at the same site which was awarded a prestigious MIPIM award.


Neil also has considerable expertise in preparing landscape and visual impact assessments for highly sensitive sites.

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Neil's Projects

Marwell Zoo

Neil has been involved in a series of projects for Marwell Zoo including the landscape design for the immersive Wild Explorers exhibit housing three endangered species (white rhino, scimitar-horned oryx and Grevy’s zebra). This involved creating an exciting experience for visitors and a new home for the animals. The scheme was presented as a journey through a series of spaces. Animal pavilions included educational exhibits and places to view the animals while two exotic garden areas extended out from the new animal houses, linked together by a curving boardwalk with covered look-out points providing panoramic views over the park and landscaped watering holes and waterfall.


He then designed and remodeled the landscape for the new state of the art Tropical House and Energy Centre. More recently Neil prepared planning application drawings for the new Water and Wetland exhibit.


For over two decades Neil has worked on numerous projects at the prestigious McLaren campus in Woking and is currently working on two exciting new projects with them. The McLaren projects have always involved a number of challenging constraints that have required to be overcome through some innovative thinking. In order to reduce the impact of development at this green belt location we have so far sunk both the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) and McLaren Production Centre (MPC) buildings into the existing topography and then twice cleverly re-modelled around 25 hectares of landscape to accommodate up to 200,000m3 of generated spoil on site and then create, in regards the MTC and reinstate in terms of the MPC, the parkland with new wildflower rich grassland, ornamental lakes, reedbeds and semi mature parkland tree groups.


Neil has considerable expertise in landscape planning and has worked on numerous environmental impact assessments requiring the preparation of landscape and visual impact assessments for a number of projects for Viridor including their energy from waste (EfW) facility at Beddington which also entailed the preparation of soft landscape reserved matter drawings for the facility itself along with a phased restoration plan for the adjacent landfill site. This included the creation of a number of new wildlife habitats including new wetlands for wading bird species.

He also worked with them on their Lakeside EfW facility before the new Heathrow runway was shelved and is presently working with them on another EfW facility as part of a bid for an exciting new regeneration project at Teesside.